It’s Sunday…

I’m doing my thang, researching…Minding my own business.

Then, I read this foolishness…

“If we truly want to stop racism, we should start by not giving it any validation in our laws and remove the terms race and racism. And we can make steps moving forward from thinking in boxes.” (Google it yourself for the source.)

In my head I’m thinking, hmmmm….SOOOOOOOO, if we want to stop murderers from murdering, we should simply remove all laws related to murder (we don’t want to validate the actual existence of murder) AND we should forbid (somehow) people from using the word “murder” (kinda like we do with the N-word).

Sounds kinda ridiculous doesn’t it. (This is where you agree with me.)

Well IMO…In order to fix the problem, you have to be able to say the word…then, mobilize and strategize to act.

It’s a process that begins with “Houston, we have problem” … RACISM is operating here and SOMEBODY ought to do something.

Now, back to work.