Sanctuary City Tales by Elise

Sanctuary City Tales: House Hunting While Black 
  • “Can you pass a criminal background check?”
  • “Do you have the right house?”
  • Looks of disappointment when I arrive
  • “No access to the kitchen!”
  • “Do not make any noise after 10pm, be home by 6pm, no cooking after 7pm!”
  • “Who is renting the room you or her (my former Korean boss)? Followed by a sigh and tone of disappointment
  • “The price is $1,075 for you!”
  • “I pay $875 but I want to save money so you’ll pay $900!”
  • “I placed the ad on Craigslist for $950, but you will pay $1000!”
  • “I have 1 African-American tenant, he’s actually respectful. He’s my favorite”
  • “How do you speak Spanish, but you and your family are black, where you really from?”
  • “How long have you been in the United States?”
  • “Most black people live in East Bay…”
  • “It has nothing to do with you being black, it is hard for anyone to find housing in San Francisco”…

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