Just a quick note for the public…being a descendant of Africa and an American citizen is not the same as being African and living in the U.S. While this may sound like a novel idea to some, there are others going “like duh.”

I just thought I would point this out after receiving a message from a colleague inviting me to an event for an “African American.” When I looked at the name, I was like “hmmmm?” Then, I googled the person. Clearly, not an African American, but an understandable mix-up given the confusion about Blacks across the diaspora. (Trust me, I did my research. The name was just a tip.)

I know it’s a small thing, but isn’t that the point of me being an educator, a social justice educator at that. (Smirks to self)

Here’s a quick video discussing the subjective labels of Blacks and African Americans in the United States.

Here’s another perspective on the topic.

Photocredit: The Zambian Observer