I am becoming increasingly concerned that diversity has become so broad, leaders and managers are unclear of what diversity truly is. One of the challenges is that blacks are increasingly losing opportunities formerly reserved to provide them with advancement opportunities. So what, you ask? Well, we know that the U.S. has a history of deep seated biases against blacks and that many of our institutions were built with notion that blacks were not equal to whites who were the majority population, the challenge in today’s society is that we haven’t moved past many of these institutionalized barriers.  In fact, they have become major impediments and obstacles to the success of blacks as a population. So, although a few of us are able to seep through the cracks, the vast majority of the black race struggles with issues of oppression evidenced in dismal rates in education outcomes, health outcomes, and employment rates. If America is going to continue to be the greatest country in the world, we simply must improve the equality of opportunity afforded racial minorities in the U.S. This is not about penalizing other groups who have fought for their seats at the table. This is about blacks in America having access to opportunities to rise in the ranks at a rate comparable to other racial and ethnic groups. IMO