When it comes to success, many organizations and institutions give lip service to diversity. It’s listed in their mission, vision, and as a core value. But when it comes to diversity in their higher echelons, the proof is NOT in the pudding. Women fair better than racial and ethnic minorities, but overall we still have work to do.

One of my great friends, claims at some points racial and ethnic minorities will soon out number white, non-Hispanics in the U.S. According to him–as a result of these population trends–the balance of political power will shift. Wishful thinking on his part as well as mine.

When reality sets in, I’m concerned. Many racial and ethnic minorities aren’t involved in the political process. In fact, we have to encourage many of them (us) to vote. We’d be delusional to think at a point hordes of minorities will throw their hats in the ring.

With visual images such as this continually being planted in the minds of young men and women. We have our work cut out for us.

Call me oversensitive, but when I look at this, I see a black man falling down in the rear. I see a woman running, in clothes minimally appropriate for the work place, especially as the leaders of the pack are in professional business attire. Note the brother in the back also lacks the appropriate attire.

Whether this was deliberate or purposeful, someone developed this and many other saw it and failed to recognize a problem. If American institutions are going to live up to the diversity they herald as a beacon of light (or hope), they will need to become more cognizant of the perspectives of their citizenry.