I think we are missing his point. What Stephen is attempting to say is that blacks overwhelmingly vote for democrats. According to Stephen, if more blacks were to vote Republican, it would send a message that blacks want their voices heard and they want officials who are representative of their values.

Although I understand the argument, I respectfully disagree.

There are many issues facing blacks in the U.S. and one of the most important is a broad lack of interest in politics and the political process. Both of which are critical in our ability to create systems that promote and establish equality of opportunity. I don’t take issue with anyone voting however they see fit.  I only suggest citizens make an informed decision and vote.

Even more importantly, if you are in America and you don’t understand institutionalized racism and systems of oppression, I suggest you spend more time examining our history,  culture and society.

Here’s a view from another side: Institutionalized Racism and the Democrats