I would argue that health is both an individual as well as a community problem. Individuals should have annual physicals, annual dental check-ups, and a good dialogue with a health care professional to have questions answered and problems addressed.

However, health is also a community responsibility. As we know, health is affected not only by genetics and individual health habits. Health is also the product of environmental influences. In particular, we know that there are steroids, toxins, bacteria, and other hazards in the food we consume. We also know there are environmental influences as a result of pollution from cars, waste sites, manufacturing and other sources.

As contributors to health risk, we owe every citizen subjected to the hazards of environmental influences the basic right to preventative health screenings.

Provisions under the Affordable Care Act allow annual physicals and health screenings without a fee. However, studies have found that many of the insured are unaware of these and other benefits.