Leaders are the core of any great community.  In order for a community to become great and sustain its greatness, it requires leaders, not only from the outside but also from within.  Leadership development is a critical component of community success and sustainability.

But who is responsible for leadership development in impoverished communities?

(Although these communities are often places philanthropic people can give back, where researchers can conduct studies, and where a myriad of churches seek to save souls…)

But who is responsible for the development of the next generation of leaders who will work to improve community conditions?

(Although these communities are frequently displayed on the nightly news and they are often the target but not the recipients of grant funds…)

But who is responsible for the young minds who grow and develop and want to positively contribute to their own community?

These communities need a hand up and not a hand out.  They may need assistance from the outside in the midst of a crisis, but a critical element of emergency preparedness should be consideration for future sustainability which requires an dependent or interdependent infrastructure.

But the question remains, who is responsible?