Cal State Monterey Bay showed up for #ScholarStrike

During the Systemic Racism Teach-in, Black faculty and staff shared a variety of Black perspectives.

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Participant Contact Information

Professor Daniel Summerhill  ~ (image above)

Ms. Darchelle Burnett ~ (image above)

Dr. Stephanie Anne Johnson  ~

Mr. Allen McClellan  ~

Dr. Kamilah Majied ~ (image above)

Dr. Vanessa Lopez-Littleton  ~ (image above)

Dr. Umi Vaughan  ~

A Bit of Press Ain’t a Bad Thang!

Addressing Racial Justice at CSUMB by Charlotte West

Three Events Illuminate One Day: Knowledge also thrives outside of virtual classrooms at CSUMB.

By Walter Ryce

Wednesday, Sept. 9, was a rich day at California State University, Monterey Bay for advancing racial understanding and democratic participation. That’s because there was a convergence of three virtual events throughout the day that, together, formed a nearly spontaneous extracurricular seminar of social and political consciousness.

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