Orlando Police Department               Orange County Sheriff Master

Sgt. Debra Clayton Deputy                  First Class Norman Lewis

Today, two law enforcement officers lost their lives in the line of duty today. To add to the tragedy, today is also Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. Their families mourn, their communities mourn, their comrades mourn, but as a nation, we should all mourn. Law enforcement officers risk their lives to serve and protect our communities.

While black lives lost due to police violence remains an important social justice concern, the tragedy of black lives (or any lives) being lost due to gun violence and traffic homicide are especially tragic but are also preventable. Gun violence continues to plague communities across the country and policy makers are paralyzed when it comes to developing public policies to address or reduce gun violence. In much the same way, traffic homicides are deeply troubling. Although we don’t know if the driver was distracted, we do know they were negligent in turning in front of a police vehicle. I urge everyone to put your phones down and to pay attention while driving, lives depend on it.

As a society, we can do better. We must do better.