PBS Slavery by Another Name

In a time when the nation is deciding on the 45th President of the United States, we need to understand the historic nature of “our” decision. The next president will succeed the nation’s first black president (monumental on so many levels). I think it is important for us to reflect back on the history of this country including the horrific state sponsored act of terrorism and torture (slavery).

In making your decision, I ask that you consider a fundamental question: will this candidate bring this country together or tear it apart with vile, racist comments and actions? Yes, we have the right to vote for anyone we desire, but when we refer to these “united” states there is a premise that “we” find strength as a collective rather than as individuals (states or otherwise). This election is serious and has tremendous implications for the future of this country. (Consider wisely.)

I post these videos (not just to stir up trouble) to raise consciousness about the historic and current insult inflicted upon Blacks as well as consideration of the future of all “Americans.”